Akko, my love

Come and meet and fall in love with the magic of one of the world’s oldest port cities – history, culinary, hammam or culture – we will be happy to plan your journey in Akko according to what interests you.

Hamam al- Basha

The Turkish bath’s construction was part of the transformation of Acre during the Ottoman Period from a small fishing village into a teeming port city and a major construction and trade center.
The Hamam features three main sections:
The summer dressing room – this is the first room you will enter from the courtyard.
The four intermediary rooms, which are located between the cold room and the hot room – the lukewarm rooms – served as various treatment and activity rooms
The hot room – the hot room is the heart of the Hamam – the steam room, which housed a heated pool and a steam bath.

The Knights' Kingdom

During this tour, each visitor receives a headset, in one of 10 different languages, with which to operate the displays.

During the day, visit the streets, chapel, stores and and an arts and crafts market, featuring artisans from the Crusades era, offering their wares: blacksmiths, glass blowers, potters, weavers,embroiderers, leather craftsmen, basket weavers, perfume and oil craftsmen, etc.

The Templars' Tunnel

The Templars were a military-monastic order who – in the name of the pope – aided pilgrims and the ailing coming from Europe to visit the holy sites of the Land of Israel.

The tunnel is 150 meters long and it extends from the Templars fortress in the west to the city’s port in the east.

The tunnel was discovered in 1994. The Acre Development Company, in collaboration with the Antiquities Authority,cleared away the dirt and made the tunnel available to visitors .

The Bahai Gardens

A wonderful place to relax, an experience of man-made beauty. In the garden of Akko you will see the use of running water, the garden design in lovely geometric shapes inspired by the art of the Persian gardens and light and shadow games to complete the creation.

Bahjí was where Bahá’u’llah, the prophet who founded the Baha’i religion, lived for the last 12 years of his life. It is also where he was buried after his death, hence the sanctity of the site for Baha’i followers the world over.

There are two historical structures at the site: the Manor and the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh.

Akko Festivals

Akko is known for hosting various Festivals, especially during the summer months.