Treatment Rooms

Welcome to our tranquil, refuge of wellness and regeneration in the heart of the ancient and magical alleys of the Old City of Akko. In a centuries-old building that has been meticulously renovated and restored you will find a haven of serenity, rejuvenation and pampering. Take the time to connect with yourself.

Take pleasure enjoying a glass of aromatic white wine, select tea infusions and dried and fresh fruit, in the comfort of the relaxation lounge at the Wellness Center before or after treatments. The Wellness Center offers a selection of massages and body treatments in a variety of hospitality packages.
Massages and body treatments can be booked along with a plentiful breakfast at the hotel’s Rooftop restaurant and daily relaxation rooms.

With its exclusive menu of classical and traditional Eastern massage treatments, the Akotika Wellness Complex invites guests to slow down, relax and enjoy the experience.

Book a treatment: call Anastasia our treatment manager at +972-544593503

Treatment Menu

Swedish Massage

A vigorous and pampering massage, designed for relaxation and renewal of energy. The masseuse works with his/her hands, elbows, and forearms, using almond oil to relax the muscles, relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation. The intensity of the massage is adjusted to your preferences.

45 minutes – 280 NIS

Hot stone Massage

A treatment derived from the Native American tribes of the North American continent, who used hot basalt stones known for their healing properties and their ability to store heat over a long period of time to treat pain, bruises and physiological traumas. Using this technique and altering the temperature of the body encourages muscle release, stress relief, drainage of toxins and the restoration of balance of the body.

45 minutes – 280 NIS
60 minutes – 360 NIS

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage designed to relax muscles and release physical and emotional tension. The massage focuses on the deep connective tissues that surround the contracted muscles and is combined with deep breaths directed at these areas, guided by the therapist (a strong and powerful massage).

45 minutes – 280 NIS

Aromatherapy Massage

A gentle and pampering massage, with an emphasis on the relaxing effect of fragrant oils. In the massage, almond oil and a complex of pure and fragrant essential oils derived from various medicinal plants are used. Recommended for those interested in stress relief and relaxation.

45 minutes – 280 NIS


A treatment method originating in Southeast Asia. According to this method, problems in the functioning of the various body systems can be diagnosed through one’s foot, and given an appropriate treatment. The treatment combines foot compressions and massage.

45 minutes – 280 NIS

Polarity Massage

A massage that focuses on the feet, hands, face and scalp. The massage is intended to calm and help those suffering from limb ailments or headaches and migraines. The massage is also known to help with sleep difficulties and stress accumulation.

45 minutes – 280 NIS